One of the most important issues in politics should be climate change. Other issues like national security, the economy, health care, and job creation are of course important. However, to move on to any of those important issues, we need a planet that we can inhabit. we need the world to be where we can go outside without dying from heat, cold or storms that never stop.

Everyone is affected by this issue. The reason why climate change is the most important issue is that you can’t escape it. No matter how much people live in their own bubbles, we all live on the same planet.

In about one month the USA will elect a new president. That president has to do something about this issue. In the next month, at the final debate, there should be a focus on climate change questions. The mainstream media is doing a great disservice to the planet in ignoring this issue. We can’t have four or eight more years of inaction on climate change. We can’t have leaders who think that climate change is a hoax or that it can be ignored.

This issue has to be addressed.

To find out more you can go to 350 . org