According to an article by Reuters, the US has gotten involved in the Houthi conflicts in Yemen for the first time.

In an act of retaliation, the US military took out three radar sites with cruise missiles. This was in response to another incident of forces believed to be Houthis attempting to fire missiles at US Navy vessels.

These thankfully failed attempts to strike US Navy vessels were reported to be in response to a Saudi-led airstrike in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, which is controlled by the Houthis, that killed people who were mourning.

This is a really important story. The war in Yemen should be covered a lot more.

I think the focus here should be on the war expanding.

I am worried and I think that others should be more worried about this war getting further out of control.

The Saudis should not target civilians.

I think that the US shouldn’t intervene besides making sure that missiles will not hit Navy ships.

If this war in Yemen expands, we could have another situation like Syria.

I hope that some peace and diplomacy can bring this under-reported conflict to an end. If the conflict in Yemen spirals further out of control, it could engulf other nations in the region.

(h/t) Reuters