One of my favorite topics and hobbies is learning foreign languages I want to do a post addressing reasons I think studying a foreign language is important and the type of content relating to language learning that you will see on this blog. 

I have lots of different reasons why I think that learning languages is important and helpful. 

Other cultures

I think languages, communication is one of the best ways to get to know a culture. You learn how a certain group of people express things in their own community. 


Even just learning a little bit of another language will make your trip go to the next level. if you can use some of the local language and not just rely on English, you’ll have opportunities you may not have as a monolingual tourist.


If you’ve ever dreamed of living and working in a foreign country, unless you are going to a nation with the same language as your native language, you will need to learn the country’s language. You have to be able to communicate to live in another country. 

Your language isn’t always enough

Often times, especially among native English speakers, you will hear that people in a different country speak English anyway. Now that philosophy may not be that big of an issue for short term causal travel. However, spending a long time in a foreign country for work or other reasons is different. If you are long term in a different country, English or whatever your first language is will not be enough. I will use English as my example. If you want to work in a foreign country, besides teaching English or with English speaking companies, you need the local language. Even beyond work, having the local language provides  more connections and will help you feel like you are a part of the country. 


This is probably the most common reason because you don’t have to go abroad. There is a wealth of movies, books, news sites, podcasts and music in different languages. If you learn foreign languages, the amount of content that you can interact with widens outside your own country or linguistic community. 

Language learning on this blog

I will be writing about language learning news. I am going to review language leaning courses. I will translate blog posts into different languages, as well as exclusively do non-English posts. I will be writing about languages. I will not be teaching specific languages. 

That usually goes on through my YouTube channel which you can find here: 

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