In the Ukraine, last week was the 75th anniversary of the massacres at Babi Yar. At Babi Yar over 30,000 Jews were killed by the Nazis in around two days.

This massacre is  one of the worst in the Nazi’s history.

In an effort to put more attention on the Ukraine’s Jewish population and the violence they suffered under the Nazis, memorial services of the atrocity have been larger than in past years.

Sadly, the Soviet Union largely ignored the Babi Yar massacre. In 1974, the first memorial was put up for the Babi Yar killings. This made no mention that the great majority of the people killed at the Babi Yar site during WWII were Jewish.

When the USSR was gone in 1991, the government of Ukraine put up a brass menorah sculpture to acknowledge and mourn the Jewish people killed at Babi Yar during the Second World War.

I think that is great that the Ukrainian government is now fully acknowledging the violence committed against Ukrainian Jews, even if it is for political reasons.

I think that it is counter-productive for nations to ignore their histories. These massacres happened, and the Ukrainian government should acknowledge that they happened.

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(source)-The Washington Post