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The Instagram blog of all places has written about a California-based photographer named Camille Seaman,  who went to document the ongoing protests in North Dakota over the Dakota access pipeline.

On why she decided to go she said: “I felt called to come not only as an indigenous person but as a recorder of history”.

I think that she is doing great work. The pipeline protests are not getting nearly enough attention in my opinion. I especially love that she is using social media for a cause that needs more coverage and that she believes in. We often hear people in the mainstream press criticize social media. The ability to go and be a one man or woman team and share information so easily is one of the best things about social media platforms like Instagram.

Great work on the Instagram blog’s part for sharing this story.

via: Instagram Blog

The main opposition to the pipeline is that it could pose some danger of leaking into the Missouri river, which is a major water source for certain parts of the US.

One of the main groups put up a change.org petition and letter to Colonel John Henderson of the U.S. Army Corps of engineers.

The pipeline would transport crude oil to Illinois from North Dakota where the protests are taking place. Protests have calmed in recent weeks.

(via New York Times)

I have mixed feelings on the actual pipeline. You have a right to protest as Americans, so that is people exercising their rights and making their grievances known. However, I think that we as the world, are not at the point of going 100% clean energy, even though we should due to things like climate change. Oil is still used significantly for energy. The main issue here is that the Army corps of engineers needs to be transparent about the environmental risks that a pipeline poses. I do completely share the protester’s concern over contaminating the Missouri river and not having their concerns addressed. Even if the pipeline is going to be built, the protestors should not just be ignored.      

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