One of the things that I want to write about is traveling. I have had the opportunity to travel outside of the US several times. I thought that it could be interesting if I write about why I love to travel when I get the chance.

I think that traveling is one of the best ways to get amazing experiences in a unique way.

When you travel to a new place you don’t just see something new, you get to live the experience. The immersion of going to a new place is what I love. You actually get to be a part of the country or city that you are traveling to.

The second main reason that I love traveling and I try to encourage openness to it, is experiencing new cultures. The key is that you get to actually live in the culture for at least a short time on your trip.

An amazing travel experience doesn’t have to be financially unattainable. I am a believer that inside of every country there are amazing destinations that can be enjoyed by locals. If money is tight or you are apprehensive about traveling, try to find a cool destination that is in your home country and go there.

Why do you like to travel?

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