The town of Lecco in Northern Italy had a bridge collapse, killing one person according to the BBC. That is tragic and my condolences to anyone affected by this collapse.

The most interesting part of the story is who is being blamed for the collapse. According to Anas S.p.A., the government-owned company that is in charge of Italy’s road, they said that they had asked for the bridge to be closed three hours before the collapse because a worker saw a problem.

Here’s the interesting part

Anas S.p.A. is saying that that Lecco’s local authorities insisted on having this request in writing, which meant an inspector had to actually go to the site. However, before the inspector could get there, the bridge collapse had already happened.

A criminal investigation has been opened.

The Lecco authorities deny Anas S.p.A.‘s story.

I have trouble believing almost everyone in this story. It seems really convenient for Anas S.p.A. that the authorities in Lecco wouldn’t listen to them and that an inspector just couldn’t make it in time. They will have to show proof that the authorities in Lecco did as Anas S.p.A. claims.

I also think that the authorities in Lecco should have listened and closed the bridge down. Why take that risk?

This story shows how issues with regulations and poor planning can have horrible results. The local authorities should listen if the government tells them a bridge is at risk . However, there should also be offices throughout Italy for the inspectors. It shouldn’t take hours and hours for inspectors to get to a site if there is a potential for an emergency.

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