New photos released by the United Sates Geological Survey (USGS) show dramatic overwash, erosion, and damage caused by waters during Hurricane Matthew along the coasts of several states in the Southeast of the US.

The USGS reports the exact percentages saying that the hurricane’s “storm surge and waves overwashed about 15 percent of the sand dunes on Florida’s Atlantic coast, 30 percent along Georgia’s coastline, and 42 percent of dunes on South Carolina’s sandy beaches”

Surprisingly, the effects of the surge and overwash weren’t actually as bad as excepted. Before the hurricane hit, there were predictions that “called for 24 percent of Florida’s Atlantic coast to be overwashed by the storm surge,”. So at least it wasn’t as bad as expected.

These are some really amazing photos. One thing that I love about this is that the USGS used photography to show the effects that a storm can have. It can be easy to just read through the numbers and data on storms and climate change, but actually being able to see it can make these effects more real.

(via USGS)

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