This post is about the other official language of Afghanistan. This is the language spoken by the Pashtun people. Pashto became the official language of Afghanistan in the 1930s. It now has co-official status with Dari.

Exact numbers for native speakers are not known, but the estimated range is between 45-55 million people.

ll-15 million people speak Pashto as their first language.

2.8 to 7.8 million Afghans speak Pashto as a second language.

The rest of the native speakers come mainly from Pakistan, where there is a significant Pashto-speaking population.

The three main dialects of Pashto: North, Central, and South. Southern Pashto is mainly spoken in Afghanistan. There are a lot of words that are borrowed from Persian and Arabic.

Pashto, like Dari, is written with a modified version of the Arabic alphabet.

The grammar differs somewhat from Persian. One unique feature being that the noun comes after the adjective.


A sizeable minority language is Baluchi. This is a Northwestern Iranian language. There are around 7 million speakers of this language that live in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. This language is written with, you guessed it, a version of the Arabic alphabet.

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