Siting in the southwest of the Balkans on the Adriatic Sea is Albania, a country with a unique culture that is alone in the Balkans.

Albania or Shqipëria is a nation with a significant amount of coast line on the Adriatic Sea, with a unique culture and history that differs significantly from its neighbors in the Balkans.

Albanians speak a unique language called Albanian or shqip or shqipe. What makes the language so unique?

Albanian is written in the Latin alphabet, but that is not all that is different from other languages in the area. What makes the language so unique is its lack of relatives. Albanian is the only member of its own sub-branch of the Indo-European language family. The language is not Slavic, unlike the other languages in the Balkans.

Albanian has no relation to Slavic languages but has absorbed some Slavic vocabulary and Greek words. There were also some influences from Germanic languages. Albanian has a high degree of inflection and shares a lot of grammatical similarities with other European languages.

The two dialects of Albanian are Tosk and Gheg.

Tosk is the official language of Albania. Both dialects are fairly intelligible with each other.

Other Languages in Albanian

Aromanian is a minority Romance language in several countries in the region. There are 300,000 speakers in the countries where the language is spoken, one of these countries is Albania. The language has a lot in common with Romanian but is a separate language.

Romani is a language spoken by the Roma people, but that language will get its own post.

Albanian is a unique language that has always had its own lone place in the Balkans.

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