One important part of traveling that can be the counterproductive obsession of some is safety. I don’t like that there are people who obsess over safety all the time. I try not to fear new places. But I do understand wanting some knowledge of safety before you travel.

I spent two weeks in the Czech Republic and one week in Slovakia this year and here is my take on the safety of the two countries. Obviously, three weeks is a somewhat limited look at how truly safe a place is. I base this rating on my own experiences.

1= least safe (ex. War-torn countries) 10= most safe (ex. Japan or Australia)

I give the Czech Republic and Slovakia a 6.5- 7/ 10

I never really felt in danger in Prague, Brno or Bratislava, but It was not perfect.

Some of the areas looked rougher than they actually were in reality. I assume that is because of these countries being a little short on funds to modernize a lot of buildings. There were neighborhoods that seemed fine but looked old and run-down. Looks can be a little deceiving. However, there were a few times when I walked a little faster at night through some neighborhoods that seemed like I should put my head down and move along. Nothing crazy, just common sense in most cities.

In terms of the actual people, I never really had any problems. There were a few times that people asked for some money, both calmly and somewhat aggressively. Just like a lot of places, if you are cool to people they will be cool with you.

In summary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia both seemed safe from what I experienced. A lot of safe neighborhoods could look worse than they actually are. There is some chance of pickpocketing and real danger. If you use common sense then you should be fine.

As always, ask locals if ever in any doubt. A hotel concierge or host will most likely gladly inform you on what places to avoid in the cities.

As an American traveler, I felt safe as long as I used common sense.

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