I’ve written about this topic on other platforms but felt that I should also write about it here.

If you are an American internet user, you most likely have heard about the news regarding net neutrality and its repeal. In this article, I want to inform anyone who might not know what net neutrality is and give one small silver lining to this disheartening news.

What is Net Neutrality?

I like to use the analogy of a highway.

Imagine the internet as an information 10 lane super-highway. Under the current regulations, internet service providers (ISP) companies only charge consumers for faster internet use speed and access to the internet (of course some sites also make you pay for membership and or pieces of content). If you pay, you get access to everything online under net neutrality. ISP companies cannot, under net neutrality, slow lanes down, block lanes off, or charge you for access to certain lanes.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) here in the US is set to vote on repealing net neutrality in about three weeks.

All the protections that net neutrality at least tried to enforce could be lost.

This all seems rather depressing because it actually is. But there is one silver lining. This is one moment where big tech companies and individual internet users happen to be on the same side of an issue.

Amazon, WordPress and other tech companies that make buckets of money online don’t want to pay fees to ISP companies just like consumers don’t want to pay.

That is one small sliver of hope in an otherwise bleak situation.