I will be regularly releasing language lessons via Amazon self-publishing.

I will, unless there is some crazy outside circumstance, get one lesson out a month. There is a chance that I could get them out as quickly as once a week. I want to make as much high-quality content as I can.

The lessons will vary in length and be anywhere from 1-3 dollars a piece. They will be in e-book format, but I will probably also make paperbacks available.

What I am planning on doing is something like what a Netflix show would do. I will release all the lessons on their own. Then I will put all of those lessons into one book that is offered for a higher price after all of the lessons have already been individually released.

An important note is that I am still planning on writing short free pieces and longer self-published pieces that are more generally about languages. These lessons are for learning languages.

What will be offered for free here?

Short articles like always, and language learning materials without explanations. For example, I make a verb conjugation chart for free, but you get detailed explanations in the lessons.

You might be asking yourself? Why not an online class?

This may seem counter-intuitive, but self-publishing this type of educational material is a better option in many ways than an online class website.

Readers get more information, the price is in many cases a little cheaper, and once you buy the lessons, you don’t need to be online or even using electronics (for paperbacks).

I would rather only make people pay once to have the material as long as they want. I don’t want to make readers download something in a weird format or have to log on to a site everytime they want to use the lesson.

Thanks for reading and please follow the site here on WordPress