I thought that it could be interesting to share my undergraduate academic background.

I majored in International Studies (AKA International relations) because the topic interests me and there were a lot of options for customizing more specific areas of study.

The areas of the world that interest me the most are Europe and Asia. The topics that fall under the umbrella of International Studies that interest me most are war, peacemaking, smaller groups that live in other’s group’s borders, and immigration.

I studied politics and history at university, but they were not my main focus, even though those two topics are some of my favorites.

I minored in Mandarin Chinese because I like languages and I really wanted to commit to a language at university by making it a minor. I had already studied Spanish through 4 years of highschool and at home.

If I write about anything else, it comes from personal interest.

I hope that this gives some context as to why I write what I write and why my interests are what they are.

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