[A version of this essay will be featured in a book of essays on languages that I will self-publish in the near future]

I have several reasons why I study languages that I want to explain here

  1. Language interests me. One main reason why I study languages is that I find them interesting.
  2. I enjoy traveling. When I get the chance to go to other countries, I want to have some basic communication at a minimum. Languages are helpful if you like to go to other places.
  3. The world is getting much smaller. We don’t live in a world where you never come into contact with other languages. The degree to which a person can get away with language isolationism is much less than it was in the past.
  4. Translation of fiction and non-fiction work: Language barriers can often hide interesting non-fiction and fiction work that you don’t understand. I love being able to have some non-English input of content that I find enjoyable or interesting.
  5. Work more places: I like the idea that at least in some countries, no matter the job, I could at least have a chance of doing what I need to do without relying on an interpreter.
  6. A skill: I don’t have a huge amount of skills. Language learning has always seemed to be something that I can do with some competency.
  7. The more understanding the better. I feel that learning at least one other language is one small way to try to increase understanding between countries and cultures. I really think that language learning, and communicating with one another in each other’s languages can have real positive effects for societies and the world as a whole.

These are the 7 main reasons why I study languages. I will most likely make a longer version of this essay that will be self-published with other essays or on its own.

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