I have been throwing ideas around of what to do for a postgraduate program.  For about a year I have had an increasing interest in data visualization and statistics. I also have had interest in macroeconomics.

Math was not always my strongest subject, but that does not mean I don’t like it. I am fine with math that I can use.

I also think that if I am going to do any postgraduate study, I should study a more specific subject.

The only issue seems to be that I need to do math coursework first, before applying for a post-grad certificate, or master’s program.

Even if I have to complete some outside coursework, I am seriously considering at least some formal postgraduate education in mathematics of some kind.

probably statistics and macroeconomics (formulas and a bit of calculus)

What I love about stats and the math that is involved in Economics is that it has real-world application, not just in work the centers around math, but also in journalism.

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