Just two days ago, on Valentine’s day,  there was a mass shooting at one of the main high schools in Parkland Florida. The shooting was done by a domestic terrorist, who was a former student of the school. 32 people were shot and 17 have died.

It is always tough to know how to respond to these types of stories.

First, my deepest condolences to everyone affected by this incident. I can’t imagine what they must be going through.

If we do nothing legislatively, these types of massacres, these tragedies, are not just going to go away.

Regulating gun accessibility to prevent firearm sales to irresponsible or unstable people is one of the answers, but not the only one. There also needs to be legislation that does more to allow people more access to mental health treatment options like professional therapists and psychiatrists.

It is reasonable to disagree with what exact laws need to be passed, but there has to be a response if we want these tragedies to end, or become less frequent. We should raise our voices to avoid falling into a state of being desensitized to this type of massacre.

Getting used to gun violence is one of the more disturbing parts of these types of stories. One of these types of mass shootings should be too many. As an American, it troubles me how our nation’s legislators have allowed this problem to fester and how so many people won’t tolerate the needed debate between responsible gun ownership and passing common sense rules.

Being empathetic is the decent thing to do, but there has to be actual legislative action.