There are generally two types of writers when it comes to word count. There are under and over writers. Whether you write too much or you are too concise, there is one rule that always has to be followed. Never write filler.

What is filler? Filler refers to writing that only exists to fill page space and has no other purpose. It is important to differentiate filler with increasingly specific writing. Writing becomes filler when it only exists to take up space and nothing else. There is nothing wrong with actually trying to discuss ideas or tell a story in more depth.


Writing filler is a bad habit. Don’t get into the habit of just filling space to fill space.


Readers can see right through attempts to fill space and even differentiate an author that just is too long winded. I can’t begin to express and explain how cringe inducing filler is, even in comparison to a writer that just is long winded. You might not realize it, but audiences know when you are just trying to make a piece of writing longer.

so, don’t write filler.